About Me

I am Jeffrey Bennet, a computer science student at The University of Texas at Austin. I am passionate about problem-solving and using technology to make a positive impact on the world. I have a strong foundation in mathematics, iOS development, and object-oriented programming. I am also proficient in a variety of programming languages and frameworks, including Java, Python, Swift, SQL, PySpark, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Warehouse, Databricks, AWS, Firebase, APIs, Microsoft Office, Xcode, Figma, and Git.

In my previous roles as a Data Engineering and Data Science Intern at Kelly Services and a Team Member at Whataburger, I have gained valuable experience in working with data, developing and deploying data-driven solutions, and providing excellent customer service. I am also a creative thinker and I am always looking for new ways to solve problems.

I am excited to continue my education and to grow my skills in computer science. I am also eager to find a challenging internship or entry-level position where I can use my skills to make a meaningful impact.

  • Programming Languages
    Java, Python, Swift, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, CSS
  • Cloud Technologies
    Azure, AWS
  • App Development
    Designing Web/App interfaces
  • 2023 - Current
    Kelly Services

    • Utilized platforms such as Databricks to transfer csv, parquet, and delta files from platform to platform.
    • Designed and optimized data models and schemas for efficient retrieval and analysis.
    • Worked with Azure services, such as Azure Data Warehouse and Azure Data Lake, to orchestrate and manage data workflows.
    • Extracted data from Azure Data Lake and the Enterprise Data Warehouse through databricks using python and sql.
    • Collaborated with data scientists and engineers to deploy Azure machine learning models.

  • 2022 - 2025
    The University of Texas at Austin

    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science w/ Entrepreneurship minor


Microsoft: Azure Fundamentals


Google Cloud: Introduction to Generative AI

Google Cloud Skills Boost

Microsoft: Introduction to Programming Using Java

MTA: 98-388

Databricks: Lakehouse Fundamentals

Databricks Academy Accredation

My Work


A fully functional calendar app that centralizes all of a students assignments. This app implements numerous APIs, Databases, and libraries. In addition, the UI/UX was all designed from scratch.


Winning Most Creative Hack, this project was an award winning hackathon project. Tasked with solving and issue in the context of sustainability, this app reduces global carbon emmisions by allowing for everyday people to grow plants in their own backyards.

This Website!

This website was designed from scratch using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Firebase and Google Cloud were used to host the website and the UI/UX was designed by hand.

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(817) 789-5021

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